I Can’t Believe This Even Needs Saying

So, I’ve been seeing this post lately that a lot of my male friends have been sharing called “A few Male Problems that Need Looking At.” Often these are shared from groups called “I Don’t need Feminism” or “Fuck Feminism” (Classy guys). I find a few of the points on there to be quite… badly researched, I suppose you could call it. Or maybe one sided? I’m not sure, but they certainly aren’t presenting you with all the facts of their facts, if that makes sense. Read more


I can’t tell you what living in the world as a man is like; I can’t tell you what living in the world is like as anyone other than myself. I haven’t experienced the world as anything else. The only thing I can tell you is how I have personally experienced the world. Obviously there are some similarities and parallels to how others have lived and experienced life, but no one existence will ever be identical to yours. I’m not saying that men don’t go through some of these things as well; I know and love people who have. But I can’t offer my own experience on that, and I don’t think it’s right to play tit for tat or to say that all genders are equal. We aren’t, in my honest opinion, and that’s not to diminish what other people are suffering or dealing with, the point of this post is to shed some light on the life of the “average” woman. I am not trying to invalidate anyone, or to say what I have been through is worse. All I am trying to do is share my experience of the world so far. Please feel free to share your own experiences. Read more

The Unsung Heroes

In this day and age I feel like we, as a whole, idolise the wrong people. We look up to people who’ve “made it”. We look up to the money, the fame and the glory and see it as success, and in many ways it really is.

But to me success means a lot more than just having a lot of money and people know your name. Success is facing your demons and conquering them. To me, success is achieving the “smaller” things in life, the things that tend to get overlooked so much by so many, like having a job, building a family and a future, whether alone or with someone else. Read more

Feeling Inadequate

Let’s be real, life lately feels like a constant competition. Who’s the next one to get a promotion? To get the new job? To buy a house? To get married? Have a baby? Who’s earning more money? Who’s got the better phone?

Well. Right now it isn’t me. And it doesn’t feel like it’s been me for a very long time. Lately it feels like I’m falling further and further behind on all of my life aspirations. It sucks. It really really sucks. Read more

25 Lessons in 25 Years

I thought it would be fun / interesting to have a little sit down and think about a few things I have learned throughout my life. So here’s a little list, some of them are personal lessons, and others are a little more broad. I hope you find them interesting and maybe even take a couple of these to heart. Read more

Am I a “B*tch”?

I have to admit something. I’ve turned into a bit of a ‘B*tch’ over the last few years. I put it in quotation marks because I don’t mean it in the way s lot of people interpret it. I mean it in that I take a lot less crap, and don’t have patience for bullsh*t. I’ve become this way because it’s become increasingly apparent that it’s the most effective way for me to actually get people to take me seriously. This sort of behaviour is often referred to as ‘b*tchy’ and thought of in a negative light (especially when a woman is the one displaying these characteristics). Read more

Feminism (And Why It’s Not Actually All About Hating Men)

The official definition of Feminism is “The political, economic and social equality of sexes.” This is often misinterpreted as “Men VS Women”, but it goes much deeper than that. By that definition Feminism can be applied to all genders or sexes.

The movement originally began in the 1800s and was initially in order to aid women in achieving equality. It was a movement that was created to try and put women and gender minority groups on par with men. Not above them. It was not a pro-woman movement, but rather a pro-human one, trying to spread the message of equality and acceptance. Read more

Anxiety: How I cope.

Anxiety isn’t an easy thing to cope with. It effects everyone differently and people all have different ways of coping, but I received such great feedback about my last blog post (You can read it here) about my anxiety and depression that I thought a follow up one was necessary.

Instead of focusing so much on the darkness and negativity of the anxiety this blog post is going to be dealing with how I, on a personal level, cope. I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks to try and help. Now, not everything I saw will be helpful to everyone, or even relevant. Even so, I seriously hope there’s something in here that helps you. I want to stress that I am NOT a professional, and this advice is only coming from my own personal experience and my trials and errors. If your anxiety and depression is bad, and you feel you need to seek professional help, please do it. Your mental health is very important. These are just little things that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine that help me to keep mine in check. Read more